Risk-free conversion rate optimization (CRO) for 7-figure DTC ecommerce

We will permanently increase your conversion rate by at least 50% within 1 to 3 months, without spending any money on traffic.

Or you don’t pay.

We take only 2 new clients per month.
UX Reviews are limited to available slots.

Trusted by over 40 Brands in US and Europe:

Who is this for?

We deliver data-driven UX/UI and CRO to 7-figure DTC Ecommerce businesses, who want to grow online sales but are facing high customer acquisition cost and low conversion rate.

We’ve already helped over 40 Ecommerce brands redesign their stores, enter new markets, implement new strategies and increase conversion. We’ve achieved for them up to 145% growth in conversion rate.
Case study
Up to 145% more sales with the new ecommerce for B2B brand producing bottled water.


more direct ecommerce sales


lower bounce rate


shorter purchasing time


faster page load


lead-magnet conversion rate

We have a proven track record affirmed by our client feedback.

Uxtivity offered us fresh ways to look at our CRO issues and provided an outstanding review of our site and the challenges he and his team were seeing.

It was a HUGE eye-opener for us as a company and has helped us to improve since the moment we started speaking with the Uxtivity Team.
tim stolkey
Tim Stolkey
Ecommerce Director
SEE Eyewear
Uxtivity performs useful audits, supporting the effectiveness of my Clients' internet projects.

Recommendations for improvement are based on practical examples and clear guidelines for implementation. I recommend it to any company that wants to make sure that their digital project meets the needs of its users.
dawid witych
David Witych
Owner & CEO
Your UX Audit covered all the aspects I had doubts about and all your comments are very refreshing for me.  Overall the thoroughness of this report makes me feel that I got at least 2x more than I expected. 

As for me - this is absolutely the best and most useful UX report I have worked with.
Marius Marcak
Head of Marketing
UX Audit that we received was extremely effective. The recommendations provided were precise and tailored to our needs.

Implementing them has resulted in a significant increase in inquiries, which had a direct impact on our results.
bartosz przybyłko
Bartholomew Przybyłko
For the first time, I encountered such a comprehensive approach to the website building process. 

Our collaboration began with solid strategic thinking about what our product is, who buys it, what our customers needs are and what gets in their way.
włodek ziołkowski
Włodzimierz Ziółkowski
Bracia Ziółkowscy
I honestly recommend the UX workshop and Product Strategy by Uxtivity. 

The product has brought significant value to our decision-making process. Particularly valuable in our case was the flexibility in shaping the final material and taking into account aspects from various domains, not just technical ones.
wojciech koczorowski
Wojciech Koczorowski

Why Conversion Rate Optimization?

There are three ways you can grow revenue in Ecommerce:
you can get more customers (traffic)
you can get more customers to buy (conversion rate optimization / customer experience)
you can get more customers to buy more and to do it more frequent (marketing automation)
While you do need proper traffic, most key Ecommerce metrics are NOT traffic-related. So when you rely your revenue only on traffic, you’re missing out most of the Ecommerce potential.

The moment you reach traffic volume enough to sustain your sales goals, it’s time to refocus your effort into actually leveraging this traffic by increasing its value to your business. You want it to be as cost-efficient as possible.

It's not an either-or question. You need both. This way you can impact positively your revenue on several different levels. It gives you also indirect benefits, like loyal customer base or reduced business risks making your ecommerce more anti-fragile.
Higher conversion rate
Higher average order value
Less abandoned carts
Higher returning customer rate
Lower customer acquisition cost
Lower advertising cost
Higher ROI of your future campaigns

How it works?

It’s a simple 4-step process through which we will fully guide you:

1. Strategy call with a free UX Review

Within available call slots
We start with a videocall to talk about your business, customers and products. We have to make sure that we can help you grow your business and that our methodology fits your business.

We will also give you a UX Review with some actionable first ideas and insights you can try out to achieve some quick wins. After that - when we know that we can in fact help you - we will make you an offer with guaranteed results.

2. UX Audit and CRO Plan

Ready in 1-2 weeks from call
Once we agree to work together, we start by performing a full UX Audit during which we identify bottlenecks and define hypothesis for optimization.

Along with the audit, we create a 3-month CRO Plan focused on maximizing your Ecommerce growth.

3. Execution

First results 2 weeks after UX Audit
We continue with execution by testing high-impact hypothesis first to deliver as much value and growth as possible, as fast as possible. We try to deliver first visible results after about 2 weeks.

After that, our designers, copywriters and developers go on, improvement after improvement, to deliver maximum growth after 3 months.

4. Guaranteed Results

After no longer than 3 months
Our minimum goal is 50% growth in your conversion rate. If we cannot reach that goal after 3 months, the whole service is 100% free to you.

And if we do reach it, our compensation is based on the increase we deliver.

What will you get?

Live UX Review
Quick Ecommerce Review showing some first-view impressions and battle-tested suggestions for instant improvements based on customer journey walkthrough by experienced UX Expert.
UX Audit report
Complete and robust analysis covering over 40 most impactful metrics tested with 4 different methods: heuristic analysis, cognitive walkthrough study, copywriting analysis and behavior analysis. to start the process of optimization.
10-week CRO Plan
An actionable conversion rate optimization plan based on the bottlenecks identified in UX Audit with clear tasks and KPIs for 10 weeks.
A/B-testing and implementation
While some optimization ideas can be implemented immediately, some need more cautionary approach A/B testing. This process is the part of plan where - improvement after improvement - we implement only those changes that have positive impact on conversion rate.
Project dashboard in Notion
Report, plans, tasks, KPIs - all this need a proper space to manage. We will invite you to our dedicated Notion dashboard for your CRO project that will help you be involved in the project on your terms.
1 hour strategy call per month
Ecommerce is a complex business. UX is only one side of it and should reflect other aspects of it. We know that and are happy to share with you our unique experience built on dozens of other Ecommerce businesses in several different industries.


In general, you should always analyze and test new things on your Ecommerce to maximize your revenue. A high-quality product, attractive pricing and logistics are a must-have. But without good UX, your business is at risk of being beaten in online sales anyway. Having said that, before we commit to anything, we want to make sure that CRO is a good idea FOR YOU and that we are the one that can help you. That’s why we start with Strategy call with UX Review of your Ecommerce.
Most CRO offers we make, include a fixed setup fee and a performance-based success fee. The success fee is around 20% of the monthly increase we deliver and is triggered only after achieving 50% conversion rate increase. Example: Lets say your Ecommerce make 200K revenue per month with 1% conversion rate. Let’s say we increase your conversion rate by 50% (from 1% to 1,5%) which will give you additional 100K of revenue per month. Our success fee is 20% from that 100K = 20K. It’s a one time success fee but the growth stays with you :)
After we implement whole CRO plan, we will evaluate the project, asses your current situation and give you our recommendations on next steps. There are at least several scenarios, from further CRO, to marketing automation to refocusing on completely different aspects of your business.
If we cannot reach guaranteed 50% conversion growth, not only we won’t charge you for the service but we will also refund you the setup fee that was charged upfront. In this case, whole service is 100% free to you.

Our work

visuals for cro

Who are we?

We are a team of UX Designers, Marketers, Developers and Copywriters that create and optimize Ecommerces, Apps and Websites. We’ve built our agency and dedicated our know-how, skills and approach to help online brands get high-performing digital products they need and deserve.

We do it by focusing on delivering maximum business value with our customer-centricity, data-driven research and proven productivity methodologies. We love to work with brands who are as goal-oriented as we are.

Just tell us about your business, customers and product. We’ll take care of the rest.
Agata Depa Project Manager KatarzynaGosia

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* UX Reviews are limited to available slots.
* We take only 2 new clients per month.

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