UX Review for your Ecommerce

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15-30 minute video with actionable and battle-tested UX insights on your Ecommerce to help you eliminate bottlenecks and grow online sales.

Delivered to you in just 72 hours.
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UX Review for your Ecommerce

Is your ecommerce free of the most common sale-killers?

It takes at least several decisions to go from the homepage, through the product page, to the checkout... and only one to leave the website and never come back.

It’s also the easiest decision to make by a customer.
Here are 5 most common UX factors, that efficiently help your customers make the decision to leave your store.


Unintuitive or cluttered navigation with inconsistent product categories, filters or tags.


Unclear and unattractive marketing communication that is not focused on the values for the customer.


Bad layout structure and hierarchy with less important elements being in front of more important ones.


Technical issues like website speed, not working buttons or no feedback.


Weakly designed elements, not aligned with best practices in terms of readability or attention focus.

Discover, Fix, Grow

While others only focus on finishing a project, we are just getting started once the product has been deployed.

Yes, your customers visits are fragile. They’re also more and more expensive to acquire.

That’s why you have to make you Ecommerce antifragile. To make your traffic as cost-efficient as possible in order to make more sales, build better loyalty and reduce the costs.

You can achieve this with UX Review - valuable, experience-based suggestions from UX Expert - ready for instant implementation.
It will easily enable you to get:
Higher conversion rate
Higher average order value
Less abandoned carts
Higher returning customer rate
Lower customer acquisition cost
Lower advertising cost
Higher ROI of your future campaigns

Who will benefit the most from UX Review?

While others only focus on finishing a project, we are just getting started once the product has been deployed.

First of all, it’s designed for Ecommerce.

And while there aren’t any hard reasons to exclude any specific online shops, UX Review is best for:
Ecommerce, that want a brief but valuable Audit to get first insights to start working on their conversion rate without big commitment
Ecommerce, that implemented recently some changes and need a double-check to make sure that new functions are aligned with customer journey
Ecommerce, that have high sales volume and need quick actions while doing some more in-depth changes in the background
Ecommerce, that never thought about User Experience and want to know more the area better before they engage more strongly in conversion rate optimization process

Ready for a quick UX win?

In personal productivity, quick wins keep us energized and motivated. An opportunity to check off more tasks gives us the feeling of progress that makes us more potent.

Same rule applies in online sales and marketing, where quick, even small wins, can fuel your optimization progress and give you the momentum your business need.

In both those areas, quick wins are crucial for achieving long-term goals and can be an igniter for positive changes in your business. It’s also important for high-volume Ecommerce businesses, where even small, but quick changes have noticeable impact on revenue.
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transformations our clients go through

What are your options?

UX Review works differently than a “standard” UX Audits. Both are a good choince in specific context.

Here are some basic differences to consider:
UX Review for Ecommerce
15-30 minute video
Buy UX Review now
Precision UX sniper shot
Actionable first-view impressions and suggestions for instant UX improvements
Delivered in 72 hours (during workdays)
Customer journey walkthrough by experienced UX Expert
UX Audit
Full UX Report in Notion + Meeting
Read more
UX artillery barrage
Complete and robust analysis covering dozens of metrics to start the process of optimization
Delivered in 2 to 3 weeks
3 to 4 different analysis methods

Make sure that your customer journey is seamless

review homepage


First section / Hero Section
review category

Category page

Depth of navigation
Filtering and sorting options
Product card
review product

Product page

Price and motivators
review checkout

Cart & Checkout

Pricing info
Order conditions
Forms and feedback
review thankyou

Thank-you page

Whats your competitive edge

What’s your competitive edge?

Is it the product you sell? Pricing? Logistics? That was the case for most vendors up until a couple of years ago. Today, Ecommerce businesses no longer compete with just those factors.

Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute shared one of the greatest insights about digital marketing ever. In their research, they found out that “81% of consumers are willing to pay for a better experience”.
Case studies confirm that’s the reality we live in. In a high-profile example described in “Web Form Design” book, UX research followed by one simple change in register form increased the Ecommerce revenue by $300 million.
You may have a high-quality product, attractive pricing, and efficient logistics. But without good UX, your business is at risk of being beaten in online sales anyway.

Get the UX Review for Ecommerce and start growing your online sales in just 72 hours.

Start building strong competitive advantage and enhance overall business health with User Experience.

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